Welcome to Great Plains Omnivore!

Hello, and thank you for checking out my blog!

My name is Sam Larson.

I’m a wilderness skills instructor, writer, father, and husband, but you may know me from season 1 of History’s hit survival series ALONE.

I started this blog to document and share my lifestyle as a 21st century hunter-gatherer in the beautiful Great Plains (primarily Nebraska) of the United States!

Unfortunately, many humans have lost track of how much our wild places have to offer. If we go back far enough in our history, everyone was living off the land! I believe that it is in our blood to hunt, trap, fish, and forage while showing a deep respect for the natural world.

So come along with me! We’re in for some great adventures!

Keep exploring!


Dorking around before being dropped in the wilds of British Columbia for ALONE

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